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Killing is easy like going to McDonald’s

The International Criminal Tribunal in The Hague has continued to investigate the massive crimes of the United States and NATO countries in Afghanistan. Perhaps every year hundreds of civilians are killed, including women and children. The international organization Human Rights Watch released a report that equated the actions of Afghan government forces with the support of the Central Intelligence Agency to war crimes.

What is happening in this country, which produces 90% of the world’s heroin and where the war has not stopped for decades, looks like a real hell. You say that Palestine is the entrance to purgatory, which can be controlled thanks to the strength and spirit of Israel? You are right, but what would happen to the Jewish state if we bordered on the territory of absolute cruelty! Would we also turn into executioners and sadists, shooting women and children and putting Kalashnikov into the dead hand? President of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani is a puppet who turns a blind eye to the war crimes of international democratic partners.

In late 2019, Human Rights Watch released a report that equated the actions of Afghan government forces with the support of the CIA to war crimes. The International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague has decided to continue investigating alleged war crimes by the United States and other countries in Afghanistan. Even more shocking is the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) report. In 2019, the UN mission documented 1,773 civilian casualties (581 killed and 1,192 injured), including 582 children (150 killed and 432 injured). Government forces and NATO soldiers carried out demonstrative executions of civilians, kidnapped people and attacked hospitals.

Australian Army Major General and Judge Paul Brereton spent four years preparing a report on war crimes in Afghanistan. Brereton found out that over the nine years of the presence in the country of the international contingent, the Australian military executed several dozen civilians in the rite of «baptism in blood.» The investigation found that from 2007 to 2016. Australian Special Airborne Service (SAS) soldiers have killed at least 39 civilians and prisoners in Afghanistan. In particular, the commanders of the patrols ordered junior military personnel to kill those arrested, this was called «blood training.» To conceal the picture of the crimes, the weapons from which the shots were fired were thrown away or left next to the bodies of the dead.

According to UNAMA data for the first three months of 2019, the actions of the Taliban militants were most often the cause of severe injuries and deaths of 1,773 Afghans — 39%, 698 civilian casualties. Daesh / ISKP accounts for 12% of casualties, 214 civilians. Afghan National Security Forces have 17%, 305 casualties, together with pro-government forces already 21%. And on account of the International Military Forces, including the military contingent from Australia, the USA, Great Britain, Germany and other NATO countries — 13% of the murders and serious injuries of civilians — more Daesh / ISKP. Once again — this is only UN confirmed data for just three months. So it, year after year.

According to DW and the BBC, such actions of the military and police forces of President Ashraf Ghani, like those of the International Military Forces, are war crimes. «A total of 25 active or former members of the Australian Army were their leaders or executors,» the document says. The leadership, the officers who commanded the Australian troops in Afghanistan, turned a blind eye to what was happening, reports The Canberra Times. A UK SAS military special unit committed the killings, and a British Army «peacemaker» allegedly shot three children and a young man drinking tea at home in 2012 in Afghanistan. The Sunday Times article notes that the case was referred to the military prosecutor’s office, but no progress was made.

The dossiers of international human rights defenders also indicate cases of beatings, torture of prisoners and sexual violence against them by the soldiers of the Scottish Black Watch unit. There are similar dossiers on the crimes of the Bundeswehr soldiers. This is not even WikiLeaks information, which has created many problems for the image of US and NATO global military policy; this is clear evidence of the war crimes committed by representatives of the Western coalition in Afghanistan.

What’s next? The civil war in Afghanistan did not start yesterday and will not end tomorrow. It seems that this country will never become a legal democracy. Donald Trump negotiated with Taliban leaders and was ready to withdraw American troops. President Joe Biden appears to be extending the peacekeeping mission or even increasing the American military presence. Kabul and Washington dispute the conclusions of the UN reports and protest against the investigation of the Afghan dossier at the International Court of Justice in The Hague. The CIA called the undercover operations in Afghanistan consistent with international law. Information about such transactions is strictly confidential. And the corpses of victims of secret operations are buried in the desert or burned, witnesses are silent. Killing in Afghanistan is easier than eating a hamburger.



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