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A team from Estonia became the champion of the international Dota 2 tournament

The international tournament Estonian Quarantine Games: Dota 2, organized by the Estonian Esports Federation, with the support of the Global Esports Federation, was held this weekend as part of the #WorldEsports Connected 2021 global series of tournaments. Teams from 6 countries, including Estonia, Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan, took part in the tournament. In total, 32 teams fought for the title of champions.

«Estonia needs to declare itself in the international esports arena. Therefore it’s extremely important to hold and participate in such tournaments! People should know about Estonia! We must be talked about!», — said Ignat Bobrovich, General Secretary of the Estonian Esports Federation.

Estonian and Ukrainian teams reached the final. The Estonian team «After the Rain«, which includes: Karl-Christian Treier, Kristen Järvala, Kert Kauksi, Toomas Kotk, Kalle Kalamees, became the winners of the tournament! Prize places are distributed as follows:

1st place — After the Rain (Estonia)

2nd place — NBW (Ukraine)

3rd place — Ready to Burn (Ukraine)

4th place — thonkbread (Estonia)


«We all know how strong Ukrainian and Russian teams are in Dota 2, but our guys also have something to show! And the task of our federation is to give young talents the opportunity to reach a professional level and represent Estonia with dignity at international events,» said Ivan Dmitrijev, President of the Estonian Esports Federation.

The best players from Estonia in the Dota 2 discipline, according to the rating of Passport.gg, the esports platform for gamers, were awarded, within the tournament’s framework. The best players are:

1st place: estmiracle (Aleksei Sobolev)

2nd place: Wampuss (Daniil Novosad)

3rd place: vitalka.koltunov (Vitali Koltunov)

4th place: Kass (Monika Karolin)

5th place: OldyVspomnjat-. (Nikita Melnik)

6th place: AP-EE-TIZER (Alex Õispuu)

7th place: enokjanerik (Jan Erik)

8th place: Grac- (Maksim Skripitsõn)

During a lockdown, conducting online esports events positively impacts gamers’ psycho-emotional state brings variety to life and helps make new friends. Friendly tournaments, especially of this scale, are an excellent training session before higher-level tournaments. The Estonian Esports Federation would like to thank all players and spectators for their support!

The schedule of upcoming events and tournaments can be found on the official website of the federation: e-sports.ee

The Estonian Esports Federation is a non-profit organization created to promote and popularize esports in Estonia.

One of our main tasks is to create an effective esports ecosystem in the country, which will bring together players, tournament organizers, representatives of esports organizations and business for effective collaboration.


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