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The Estonian Esport Federation has become a partner and co-organizer of an educational esports project

The Estonian Esport Federation has become a partner and co-organizer of an educational esports project. A global esports education project has been launched in Africa in cooperation with the World Esports Consortium (WeSCO), the creative community Enter Africa and technical support of Passport.gg.

Top experts from all over the world, particularly the USA, Japan, Norway and France, take part in the project. Creating an educational program aims to access essential, fundamental knowledge about esports and its components publicly available.

«Esport is not just games. It is a huge opportunity, both in terms of creating new jobs and solving social problems. Thanks to the knowledge gained, participants can get the opportunity to start a career in the fastest growing industry!» — said Ignat Bobrovich, Secretary-General of the Estonian Cybersport Federation.

The program includes various areas, from organizing esports events to using esports for educational purposes to improve school performance. This project is very significant in terms of industry development and opens up new opportunities for program participants.

At the moment, more than 800 people have already registered in the program. Registration for the program is available at the link: https://esports-series.net/esports-education/

According to numerous scientific studies, esports and video games positively affect educational performance, develop skills and abilities useful in learning, give a burst of mental strength and positive emotions, and benefit recreation. The Federation also promotes the idea of ​​tackling inequality and equal opportunity through esports.

«The issue of social equality and respect for every member of society is now quite acute. This is a global problem. And we see opportunities for how to solve it with the help of esports!» — comments Alexey Garanin,  board member of the Estonian Esport Federation.

The main mission of the Estonian Cybersport Federation is to create a healthy esports ecosystem in the country. To enable every player to build a career, become a professional athlete and achieve success in international and world competitions.


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